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Cliches starting with L

labor of loveLabor of love is when productive work is performed voluntarily without some type of material reward or compensation. Labor of love has a variety of connotations depending on what type of situation it is used, but for the most part this person means to say the labor or the work or effort is done simply for someone they care about, as a favor or without the desire for compensation.
lap of luxuryThe phrase in the lap of luxury is often used when someone is in conditions of wealth and comfort, usually someone who is reaping the benefits of being well off in a superficial and materialistic way. It is often spoken about someone who is living in the lap of luxury which means to be living in luxury and comfort such as someone who has a very lush and luxurious house and belongings due to being wealthy.
last but not leastLast but not least is the phrase given for someone that may be last in sequence but not last in importance. If someone is last but not least, it showed up or arrived or was listed last, but is not less important or inferior to the other things named or listed. This is commonly used when listing a variety of people, items or events which are in random order and therefore the last named should not be considered inferior.
last hurrahThe last hurrah is the final appearance or effort, primarily at the end of a performers career. This phrase is very commonly used when a performer has decided to retire and not perform anymore or possibly changing careers and they want to do one last performance. It is also used in other ways in which the situation calls for one last attempt, show or performance.
last-ditch effortA last-ditch effort is another way of saying it is the final effort or the last possible attempt possible; this person has gone through all of the motions and this is the very last time they will put forth an effort toward something. A last-ditch effort is considered to be the very last chance someone has in order to achieve something, where they previously tried everything they can think of.
laughing all the way to the bankTo be laughing all the way to the bank means to be very happy about money that has been earned by doing something that other people might think is unfair or those they have criticized in some way. This is often used in the case of someone doing something illegal or considered immoral in order to get money, but it can also be used in milder terms where the person made the money in a way most people think was unfair.
laughter is the best medicineLaughter is the best medicine is a common phrase used when speaking of the concept that laughing whether from a movie, joke or other reason has positive benefits for your physical and mental health. You will hear this phrase used often as a way to say that someone who has been sad and depressed or even physically ill, they should still enjoy themselves especially in the case of watching or listening to something which makes them laugh because it can help them heal.
law of the jungleLaw of the jungle is a common idiom which is referring to a state of ruthless competition or self-interest where the laws of the jungle involve a very cutthroat, ruthless race or competition of some sort. By referring to the jungle, this phrase means to speak of very few rules or laws where the competition because ruthless and the players or components have more freedom in how they compete.
law of the landThe law of the land is a phrase which was used in the Magna Carta and refers to the then established law of the kingdom which now refers to fundamental principles of justice that is equal with due process. At the time the law of the land came out, it was quoted as the United States Constitution declares itself to be the supreme law of the land. This phrase is sometimes now used in other connotations as a way to describe that this is the current law or rules for the given location or situation.
lay down the lawTo lay down the law means to scold someone in order to make something very clear to someone in a stern manner. When you are laying down the law to someone you are explaining the rules and laws to them in a blunt and stern manner, sometimes even being angry after they did not understand the rules previously. Laying down the law is a way of making the current situation or rules very clear, primarily to someone who may be disobeying them already.
laying it on thickTo be laying it on thick means to exaggerate or overstate praise, excuses or even blame. This is the phrase used when someone is speaking about something about exaggerating the details and wording consistently. If someone is laying it on thick, they are using wording which seems unnecessary in how much blame, consideration, praise, or excuses they seem to be using. A person who lays it on thick also continues to talk about something over and over again when saying it once would have been sufficient.
leaps and boundsLeaps and bounds is an idiom often attached to another phrase and is in reference to doing something very quickly, usually a person doing a job or project at a rapid pace. It is usually worded such as by leaps and bounds when describing how someone achieved something in such a short amount of time by saying they did it by leaps and bounds which is another way of saying quickly such as if they were leaping and bounding during the work.
learned his lessonWhen someone says they learned his or her lesson, it means this person has learned from past mistakes. To learn from your lesson, you would think it means to learn after being taught something, but the cliche is most commonly used in reference to someone who has made mistakes whether they did it once or many times, and thus learned from lessons but not until they made the mistake themselves.
leave no stone unturnedTo leave no stone unturned means to search in all possible places when looking for something or someone. Literally, the phrase means to look under every rock such as in the case of searching for something outdoors. Figuratively, it can be used in any type of situation where you are looking for someone or something or even doing research in that you have looked in every place possible.
left-handed complimentLift myself up by the bootstraps is an idiom used by someone who wants to speak about improving their situation by their own efforts. If you are lifting yourself up by your bootstraps, you are doing the work yourself in regards to yourself. In the figurative sense, it can be used for any situation in which you need some help either physically or not, and instead of relying on someone else to help you, you merely help yourself.
lesser of two evilsA lesser of two evils is usually used when speaking about two different evil things or bad things, in which one of these is not quite as bad as the other. The idiom is used in reference to events, situations, things and even people. If two different things both have potential problems or two people have some sort of dilemma, the lesser of two evils will be the choice that is not quite as bad as the other.
let me bend your earLet me bend your ear is a phrase given to someone who is speaking about talking to them for a long time, usually about something boring or in a way that becomes annoying to the other person. If they say this to someone else, they are admitting that the conversation they are about to have is going to be long and drawn out and possibly very boring, but in some way it is necessary.
let sleeping dogs lieTo let sleeping dogs lie means that you should not instigate trouble and that you should leave something alone if it might lead to trouble. By letting sleeping dogs lie, you are leaving something alone and not instigating trouble such as if you woke a sleeping dog and that dog might react in a negative way with a grown, bark or even a bite. This is used figuratively as a warning against starting trouble.
let the cat out of the bagTo let the cat out of the bag means to reveal a secret or a surprise by accident. If you let the cat out of the bag, you unintentionally told a secret which you promised not to tell or accidentally informed someone of a surprise they would be getting. This could be in relation to telling someones deepest darkest secret, or accidentally informing a friend that a surprise party was being thrown for him or her.
let them eat cakeLet them eat cake is an idiom referring to a joking disclaimer of responsibility for a group of people. When someone tells someone let them eat cake, they are mocking a group of people who need to take responsibility for their own actions and is usually said in relation to this group messing something up or making some sort of error which in turn they now have the pay the consequences for. It is usually spoken in a mocking tone b someone outside of the group.
lets forge ahead, shall weLets forge ahead, shall we is an older phrase which was used as a way to tell someone you want to continue going even under difficult circumstances. It was commonly told to a group of people who were going through some kind of dilemma or a situation that turned badly with various troubles; the leader of the group will say lets forge ahead, shall we as a way to inspire and motivate the group to keep going even though the situation has become more difficult.
lets get the ball rollingLets get the ball rolling is an idiom used when you want to tell a group of people or even just one person that it is time to get a process started. If you are getting the ball rolling, youre working with others in order to achieve something or to reach a goal and you need to begin the preparations. In order to do this, you might say lets get the ball rolling in that you are in the stages of beginning this process.
lets set the record straightLets set the record straight is the phrase most commonly used for a situation in which you want to make sure that a certain situation is correct, put right a mistake or to correct a misunderstanding. The literal term for setting the record straight is to literally fix an incorrect account, but it most commonly used in the figurative sense where you are reasoning with one or several people who seem to be misunderstanding the current situation.
lets splitLets split is another way of saying you wanted to leave with this person or depart from where you are. In this instance, the word split is talking about departing from wherever you happen to be at the time such as a shopping center, airport, or even your own home. It is most commonly used when you are at some sort of celebration, party or social event in which you will ask the person you came with (friend or date) to leave the party with you.
lets talk turkeyLets talk turkey is another way of saying you want to discuss something frankly and very straightforwardly. If you are talking turkey, you arent wasting time with frivolous conversation, sugar coating anything or getting around the point. To talk turkey is much like getting down and dirty in relation to the topics you discuss and the way you discuss them as you get right to the point straight away in the most straightforward manner possible.
lets tie the knotLets tie the knot is a phrase often used in regards to getting married. Tying the knot has been the most popular phrase for getting married (whether or not you have a formal wedding) for many years, and still continues to be used today. Tying a knot is the symbolism for joining two to become one and when someone says lets tie the knot; it is a way to ask the other person to marry them in an informal way.
liberal mediaLiberal media is a term often used to describe the pattern of the media such as television and radio, and how they handle certain types of issues. Rather than being objective about political issues and other important causes as the media is supposed to be, they tend to be more on the literal side and dont always hide this fact. Being liberal in the media has to do with providing a forum for the intellectually elite people in order to present their debate.
lickety-splitTo do something lickety-split means to tackle something headlong and at full speed. This is another way of saying that you are going to do something very quickly, often without thought. Lickety split has often been used as slang term for going full speed towards something and works in a variety of different situations. It can mean doing anything quickly, primarily when you dont think about the consequences.
licking ones woundsLicking ones wounds means to recuperate after a defeat, often by doing things for yourself which will heal and cure your ailments. If you are licking your wounds, you are taking the time in order to rest and heal from a recent defeat whether this means it in a literal sense or figurative. It is sometimes used figuratively where the defeat was not physical but emotional and you need to recuperate your mind.
lie down with dogs and wake up with fleasLie down with dogs and wake up with fleas is a phrase used when you want to make a point to someone that they should be cautious of the company they keep. While dogs may seem a certain way and you want to lay down with them, you should be aware of the consequences of this action. In life, this means to avoid associating yourself with people who may not be what they seem or if you are following false assumptions about these people.
lie like a rugTo lie like a rug means to tell lies shamelessly. While some people think that when you say to lie like a rug means to lie very still while being a rug in the physical aspect, it is actually used in terms to the word lie or lying in which you tell something that is false. By not being truthful, you are shamelessly telling a lie in which you dont feel bad about it or feel the guilty that most people do when they tell a lie.
life and limbLife and limb is the combination of words used in a variety of different ways to describe continued existence or serious injury. It is most commonly used when people are talking about situations where someone could possibly die or be severely injuries. Life and limb is a way to say that the situation someone is in such as a particular dangerous activity is very risky and could possibly cost them their life.
life goes onLife goes on is another way of saying that when something bad happens, life does eventually move on from it. This phrase comes from the fact that when someone suffers a big loss or has a lot of negative things happen to them, they think it will change the entire world and nothing will ever be the same. The idiom refers to the contrary where life will go on and they will move on and grow from it.
life in the fast laneLife in the fast lane is a commonly used idiom which means that this persons life tends to be full of excitement and activity, often including certain behavioral patterns or activities which include a high risk or potential for danger. Someone living live in the fast lane doesnt worry so much about the consequences of their actions, but continue to move quickly and are full of excitement and seek out fairly dangerous activities.
life is a bowl of cherriesLife is a bowl of cherries is another way of saying that is everything for you is going your way and that your life is carefree. When someone refers to their own life as being like a bowl cherries, they mean that they have little to worry about, tend to live each day in a carefree manner and dont bother with the things that often stress or worry others. Their life is either going very well, or their attitude toward life is very positive.
life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to getLife is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get is a quote which comes from the movie Forest Gump. In the movie Forest Gump says this as a way to explain that life is full of surprises and you can never tell what is going to happen tomorrow. Not only is this important to remember, but the events of this movie go on to prove the quotes validity. It is often quoted as a way to show that you never know what life will bring your way.
life is what you make itLife is what you make it is an old saying about the importance of improving your own life through your actions rather than relying on other things or other people to change it for you. This is often to spoken to someone who Is negative or cynical about their own life. It is a way to tell them that their life is what they make it to be in regards to improving their own life based on the actions they make and the work they put into it.
life stinksWhen someone says life stinks they are referring to the fact that their life has a lot of troubles, often because of previous bad things that have happened to them. You might hear this phrase in other connotations such as saying their life sucks or they hate their life. It is a way to express how negative they feel about how their life is going. The phrase began as a quote from several older movies and television shows.
lifes a bitchLifes a bitch is a very common and often used idiom that is talking about how hard or rough life can be at times. It is usually spoken in a sarcastic tone as a way to say how much life often sucks due to the various trials and tribulations every person is forced to go through. By saying lifes a bitch; you are describing the severity at which it is going badly for you whether you are being sarcastic or truthful.
lifes too shortLifes too short or life is too short is a phrase most commonly used when you want to show someone the importance of appreciating and indulging in every moment. The meaning of this idiom is that life is short and you never now when your time is up. Rather than spending your time worrying and obsessing over every little thing, you should appreciate every moment you have and every gift you are given.
lift myself up by the bootstrapsLift myself up by the bootstraps is the expression people use when they are trying to motivate themselves to help themselves out of some sort of problem or dilemma. Anytime someone says they will life themselves up by the bootstraps, it means to help them get out of this dilemma, without asking for help or guidance from others; they want to do the work for themselves.
lift your gameTo lift your game or raise your game means to make an effort to improve the way that you do something, not necessarily a game or competition such as a sports game. Lifting your game is about doing a bigger and better job by putting forth more effort and understanding the best way to do something. Especially when your past efforts have not helped you succeed, you should lift your game to improve the end result.
light a fire under itLight a fire under it is the expression used when you want to urge someone to work better or harder. This may be in response to someone not working their hardest or simply because you have a job to get done and want to motivate this person to work as fast and hard as they can in order to get the job done. It is a way of motivating someone by saying they should light a fire under it.
light as a featherWhen you speak of someone or something as being light as a feather, it means that they are so light it seems like they are light as a feather. This is true in many different situations such as a cake or pastry which is very delicate and airy, and therefore seems light as a feather. A person who is told they are light as a feather, are typically very light in weight and a thin person, therefore they seem lighter than most other people.
lighten upTo lighten up, means to be less rough and demanding with something or rude to someone. People who need to lighten up and are told to lighten up are probably being very rude and demanding with someone else in a verbal way where they might even be aggressive with their words or actions. This person is having a moment of a bad temper with someone, and therefore needs to lighten up or calm themselves down.
lighter than airWhen you say something is lighter than air, it is a way to say something is very light in regards to its weight. In physics, lighter than air means something with a lower density than air. However when used figuratively, it can be a way to exaggerate exactly how light something or someone (such as their weight) really is. Since there isnt much which is lighter than air, it shows the severity of how light something is.
lightning never strikes twiceLightning never strikes twice is the expression used for the fact that something which is very unlikely to happen doesnt usually happen to the same person twice. It would be extremely rare for lightning to even hit a person one time in their life, let alone more than once. This is usually said to someone to ensure them that even though something terribly bad happened to them, it probably wouldnt happen again.
lights outWhen someone says lights out they mean to say that you need to literally turn the lights off for the night as this is often a command for going to bed. This is also another way of saying it is bedtime since turning off the lights is typically what you will do right before going to bed for the night. Many times, people will say lights out in reference to telling their children it is time for bed.
like a bat out of hellIf someone says you are like a bat out of hell, they mean to say that you are going very fast or doing things quite suddenly and are also a caution against messing around with hell. It is most commonly used in reference to how someone drives, especially if they drive very fast. If someone seems to drive faster than they should and with very little caution, you would tell them they drive like a bat out of hell.
like a broken recordLike a broken record is an expression used when someone keeps saying the same thing over and over again, and is usually said to them or about them. When a record breaks due to a scratch or other type of break, the needle will remain in the same groove and play that part of the record over and over again. Figuratively, this means that someone who sounds like a broken record is repeating the same thing over and over again in the same way.
like a brother/son/father/sister/mother/daughter to meLike a brother/son/father/sister/mother/daughter to me is the phrase often used when you want to tell someone how close they are to you and how they feel like family. By saying they are like your brother, sister, mother, father or other family member, you are saying they feel so close and so familiar to you that they feel like family. It is also often spoken about someone who seems to have a lot of the same traits, opinions and mannerisms as you and therefore feel related to you.
like a dog chasing carsLike a dog chasing cars means that the situation you are currently in is irrational because you wont know what to do once you get to where you think you are going. A dog chasing cars wont ever catch the car and if he ever caught the car, wouldnt know what to do with it. This phrase is used figuratively as a way to describe the fact that you should think twice about what you are chasing and what will happen if you finally catch it.
like a fish out of waterLike a fish out of water means to feel awkward as you are in a situation which is not familiar to you and you look or fee very different from the people around you. A fish out of water feels out of place because they belong in the water, therefore when used figuratively, this idiom is making a point that you feel extremely awkward in the given situation. This is often used when someone is at a new place with new people they dont feel comfortable with yet.
like a hot knife through butterLike a hot knife through butter is the figure of speech used when someone wants to show how easy it is to do something, such as moving through a group of people with no resistance. A hot knife that goes through butter can cut straight through the butter very easily and find absolutely no resistance. This phrase is used figuratively when describing how simple and easy something is; typically an action or situation with absolutely no resistance whatsoever.
like a kid in a candy storeLike a kid in a candy store is a common idiom used when describing someone who is very happy and excitable about the current situation or things around them. They will react to this situation in a way that seems somewhat silly, childish and not easily controlled. As with a kid in a candy store, this person is very easily amused, happy and outwardly excited in a way they cant control.
like a pig in a pokeTo be like a pig in a poke means that something is offered in a manner which conceals its true nature or value. On farms that use pigs for meat, they put a pig in a poke concealing the fact they will be slaughtered there by acting as if it is no big deal. In the figurative sense, a pig in a poke means you are told to do something in such a way it seems appealing but in fact is nothing like what it is really for.
like a sore thumbIf someone or something sticks out like a sore thumb, it means that they are very obvious in the way they are easily noticed at being different. A sore thumb is different from the rest of their fingers in the way it is swollen, red and very obviously different from the rest of the hand. Figuratively, this means that you have certain physical traits that show others how different you are in a very public and obvious way.
like butterLike butter is the phrase often used for someone who is very skilled at what they are doing such as a certain hobby or activity. It originated when people would say they are on a roll, and later took it to mean they must be like butter because they are on a roll since butter goes on rolls in the literal sense. Eventually it transformed to being like butter on a roll, shortened to like butter.
like lambs to the slaughterhouseLike lambs to the slaughterhouse is an idiom which is referring to doing something quietly and without realizing the difficulties or dangers of any given situation. Literally, lambs going to a slaughterhouse do so in a very quiet and calm manner because they are not aware of what is about to happen to them. When used figuratively, this phrase refers to any type of situation in which you are quiet and calm because you dont have all the facts.
like looking for a needle in a haystackLike looking for a needle in a haystack is a phrase used in reference to looking for something which is very difficult or nearly impossible to find. If you think of finding a needle in a haystack, you can imagine it would be almost impossible to do. Figuratively, the phrase is describing any sort of situation where you are looking for something or trying to do something that has a very low chance of success because of various circumstances.
like shooting fish in a barrelIf something is like shooting fish in a barrel, this situation is being compared to an effortless or simple action with guaranteed success. Shooting fish in a barrel is very easy to do because they dont have many places to go giving you a high rate of being able to shoot them in such a small space. This saying is used figuratively as a way to describe how simple and easy something really is to do.
like taking candy from a babyLike taking candy from a baby is another way of describing an act, activity or job that is very easy to do. You could easily take candy from a baby because a baby is innocent and helpless and cant really do anything to stop you. When used figuratively, the phrase means that what you are explaining would be very simple to do with little to no effort at all. It is also sometimes used negatively to explain something might be easy but not necessarily appropriate.
like the plagueLike the plague is the phrase used when you want to ignore or keep away from someone or something. The plague was an older illness that was very deadly and pretty much fatal for anyone who got it, so you would certainly want to avoid getting it. If you want to avoid something like the plague, you want to avoid it totally and completely and are willing to do pretty much anything to stay away from this thing or person.
like theres no tomorrowLike theres no tomorrow, such as living like theres no tomorrow, is a way to explain that you want to do something eagerly, quickly and without pause. For instance if someone tells you to live like theres no tomorrow it means to not stop what you want to do, continue to live your life at a fast pace because if you are going to die soon, you should hurry up and do what you plan to do and not stop to question it.
like two peas in a podLike two peas in a pod is an idiom which refers to two things or people which seem very similar and like they are two of a king. Peas in a pod are often joined together, look exactly alike and remain close while in the pod. Figuratively, this phrase means that two things or people are very similar. It is usually used in reference to people that seem to have the same opinions, behavioral traits, physical and emotional traits and are similar in pretty much ever way.
like walking on eggshellsLike walking on eggshells is a way to show you are acting in a certain way in order to avoid upsetting someone. Eggshells are very delicate and extremely easy to break which also makes a loud noise so if you are feeling like you are walking on eggshells, you are describing a way to act and go about your day where you feel like everything you do or say should remain delicate and be very careful not to upset someone.
like water off a ducks backLike water off a ducks back is an idiom that hints at the fact that criticism or something similar is like water off a ducks back to somebody as in that they are not affected by it at all. A duck constantly has water on its back; therefore it makes no difference to them. When someone is like water off a ducks back, it means this person was judged or criticized and it doesnt bother them.
lions shareA lions share is the phrase used for the biggest part of something, as in the literal use of the term. A lion is one of the biggest and most ferocious animals in the wild, therefore his share in any meal which is shared by multiple animals, would be the largest. In other situations, this phrase is used to describe one persons share which is automatically bigger than everyone elses.
lit up like a Christmas treeLit up like a Christmas tree is a phrase that originates from the military when they blow up an enemy position using bombs, bullets and missiles. This is a way to show that with all of this blowing up of bombs and missiles, the enemy line lights up just like a Christmas tree. When used figuratively, it can be in reference to anything you do causing something to light up like a Christmas tree but are most commonly used literally such as fireworks or other things that light up in the same way.
little black bookA little black book is a book which contains the names and addresses of acquaintances that are potential dates and usually the property of a man with numbers of women. The concept of the little black book has been around for several years and is often used in reference to the actual phone book a guy keeps of women he has met and might want to date in the near or distant future.
livbe by the sword, die by the swordLive by the sword, die by the sword is an ancient proverb coming from the bible that refers to the fact that if you use violence against other people, you can then expect to have violence used against you. In other words, you should expect to become a victim of whatever you use to get what you want. It is another form of an eye for an eye where when you do bad things, you will then have bad things happen to you but in the case of this idiom, bad things will happen in the same form.
live and learnTo live and learn is an expression relating to the fact that the more things you experience, the more you will learn. Your knowledge increases as you experience various things because most lessons come from doing and most mistakes lead you to learn from those mistakes. Live and learn is a way to explain the importance of learning from your mistakes and your experiences and the fact that you may not learn much if you dont do much of anything.
live and let liveIf someone tells you to live and let live, they are advising you not to interfere with other peoples business or preferences. It is another way to tell you to mind your own business, simply live your own life how you want to live it and let others live their life how they wan to live it. It is commonly told to someone who seems to be overly judgmental about what other people do with their lives or various things they follow; live and let live means not to worry about others.
living in an ivory towerTo be living in an ivory tower means to be living in a place where you can be aloof from the realities of living. A person who is very isolated, standoffish and desolate from others are said to be living in an ivory tower as they dont have much care for what is going on around them and the place they are living is quite detached from the rest of society. This is commonly used when referring to someone living in a university where they stay in their room and it is unlike normal living.
lock, stock, and barrelLock, stock and barrel is an idiom which refers to whole thing, or the entire thing including all of the phases, details or all of whatever it is pertaining to. This phrase most likely refers to a shopkeepers possessions as being everything they have such as the stock in trade, items stored in barrels and lock to the door. To have something lock, stock and barrel means you have everything whether stolen from that person, purchased from them or simply have it all in your possession.
long in the toothTo be long in the tooth typically means to be very old. As people age, their gums descend slightly and therefore their teeth appear to be longer. This is where the phrase long in the tooth originated as something or someone that is old in the matter of years they have been around or alive. Long in the tooth is an older phrase used in a lot of media like movies and television shows when describing someone is very old but they want to say it in a more creative way.
long lost loveA long lost love is someone who you cared about, usually someone you loved very much who you have not seen or heard from in a long time. A long lost love is most commonly someone who was considered your first love or your great love and that has a big impact of your life. Many times, people speak of their long lost love when this person comes back into their life in one way or the other, or to simply speak fondly of this person.
look at what the cat dragged inLook at what the cat dragged in is a phrase commonly used as a good humored and familiar way of showing surprise at someones presence when you werent expecting to see them. It is most often used when this person who has appeared looks a little bit rumpled, such as if a cat dragged something in like an old toy or even a rodent. It is usually spoken with good humor and slightly sarcastic at the surprise of seeing this person they really did not expect.
look before you leapLook before you leap in an expression used in order to warn someone to be very careful about they are about to do before they do it. This idiom is used in the figurative sense rather than to say literally look before you leap over or off of something, though it has virtually the same meaning. In order to protect yourself and remain safe, you should always be aware of your surroundings and details of a situation before you get involved with it.
look out for number oneLook out for number one is a phrase commonly used when someone is more on the selfish side and take care of themselves and their own interests before the interests of other people. Someone who looks out for number one is acting selfish in the way that they always think about their own interests and benefits before anyone elses. It is often said to someone as advice of how to get ahead.
looks can be deceivingLooks can be deceiving is a well-known idiom which insists that even though someone or something look good, doesnt mean they are. It is another way of saying that the outer look of something or someone doesnt necessarily say anything about them as a person. Looks can be deceiving in a variety of people and situations where what you see isnt always what you get.
looks like death warmed overLooks like death warmed over is an expression a person might use when they want to say that someone looks very ill or is appearing to be sick in some way. When you look like death warmed over, you typically have a look about you to insist you are ill, possibly severely ill and nearly fatal, though this is usually just an exaggerated way to say the severity of how ill someone looks which usually includes pale skin, sweating or looking ill in another way.
looks like theres a new sheriff in townLooks like theres a new sheriff in town is an expression which has become a cliche because of how often it is used. This phrase means that there is a new authority figure taking charge of a group or organization, whether formal or informal. A sheriff in town is usually the person who is in charge of the way the town runs, therefore when used figuratively, this idiom means that there is a new leader or authority figure.
lost his marblesIf someone has lost his marbles, it means that he is in the process of going crazy in the mental sense, typically caused by stress of life. Losing your marbles is simply another way of saying someone seems to be losing it which refers to their sanity. It can be a mild statement about someone who seems to be overly stressed or more severe in the case of someone acting much different than they use to as a result of recent events in their life.
lost his shirtLost his shirt is the phrase used when someone has lost all of his money that he put into something and can also include other things of his such as personal possessions, property, stocks or other valuables. The phrase lost his shirt is referring to the fact that everything he put into something such as a deal or trade which he originally thought would be beneficial or profitable has turned the other way and he ended up losing everything.
lots of fish in the seaYou have more than likely hear someone say that there are lots of fish in the sea, usually as it pertains to relationships and finding someone new to start a relationship with. What the phrase is referring to is that even if you cant be with someone you want to be with or feel like you cant find someone to be with you, there are plenty of people to choose from; so you dont have to dwell on losing just one person.
loud as all get outIf someone describes something or someone being as loud as all get out, they mean that is very loud. This is merely a way of describing the severity of the volume at which something is heard, how loud someones voice is or any other type of thing that involves very high volumes of sound. All get out is usually pertaining to a lot, extremely or above and beyond something. In this instance, it pertains to extremely loud sounds.
lounge lizardA lounge lizard is someone who is described as being a lounge musician often in a negative sense where they may be tasteless or tacky. However while this is the most common use of the phrase, a lounge lizard can be any type of lounge musician or even a lounge act like a comedian, that seems tricky, snide and often tries to hit on many women without much thought behind how bad it makes him look.
love conquers allLove conquers all is another way to say that love is vitally important in life and that when you have love, it makes everything else seem less important. By saying it conquers all, you are showing that loving or being in love can get past any of the typical issues in life, no matter what kind of trials and tribulations come your way. It is often used as a motivational tool for people who are in love and are dealing with troubles but rely on each other to get through it.
love is a many splendored thingLove is a many splendored thing is a phrase which shows the importance of having love and being loved, and how it is one of the most wonderful things in life. The phrase originates from a movie and song of the same name, the song of which won an Academy Award in the 1950s for Best Original Song. The phrase has slowly transformed into a cliche in which someone wants to describe how and why love is so vital.
love is blindLove is blind is a phrase which was originally used by Shakespeare in many of his plays which proves how much he favored the words. While many people believe love is blind means that people love each other regardless of how they look (as in being blind) it actually means that when you are in love, you are generally blind to other things or other people. You become so entrapped in your love that you are oblivious to all critical thought.
love thy neighborLove thy neighbor is a biblical verse which has become a proverb and slowly become a cliched term for describing the importance of loving everyone around you. The bible verse love thy neighbor comes from Romans 13:9 in which you are taught the lessons of loving your neighbor, not lying, not coming adultery and the other of the Ten Commandments. Literally speaking, loving your neighbor means to be friends with your neighbors and not make enemies out of them.
low man on the totem poleThe low man on the totem pole is the least important or lowest ranking person of a particular group. This relates to the bottom of a totem pole which acts as the range of experience and skill of any group. For instance in the workplace, the temporary employee or the person with the least important job is the low man on the totem pole; as he begins getting more experience and moving up such as to a team member, then manager, then supervisor, then director of the company; he is moving up the totem pole and becoming more important.
lower the boomTo lower the boom means to suddenly stop someone from doing something that you do not approve of. This is the bluntest and upfront way of telling someone to stop what theyre doing because you do not approve of it, and you force them to stop immediately. This phrase is often used in reference to someone doing something which has potential for harming themselves or others and you do what you can to prevent this from happening.
luck of the drawThe luck of the draw refers to the results of chance and the fact you lack any type of choice in many types of games and activities. This idiom is speaking from a game of cards where you dont necessarily have a bigger chance of winning than anyone else, and it is merely the luck of the draw when you draw from a deck of cards. The phrase is often used figuratively when speaking of anything which gives you no more chance than anyone.
luck of the IrishLuck of the Irish is a common catch phrase that nowadays describes any kind of good luck or fortune that comes your way. It originates from the idea that the Irish people tend to be luckier than others in a variety of different ways. Now whenever someone is overly lucky generally speaking in their life or has a moment of good luck, it is often referred to as the luck of the Irish even if they are not from Irish descent.
lying through your teethLying through your teeth is a way to describe lying in its most severe form because what you are saying you are aware is completely false but you say it anyways. Someone who lies through their teeth are usually doing it for their own benefit, thus making it frowned upon. As opposed to a white lie which is not as severe, lying through your teeth is knowing the entire time you are telling something not true but do it anyway.