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Cliches starting with Q

queen for a dayTo be queen for a day means literally that for an entire day you are treated like a queen in that you are served, people do favors for you, and that you are treated like a queen in every possible way. This is often used in reference to it being someones birthday or another special occasion where her friends and family want to give her the choice of being queen for a day where she chooses everything she wants to do.
queer as a three dollar billQueer as a three dollar bill is an older saying which means that this person is bogus or phony; they might have acted a certain way to be impressive, but this is false and it should be made obvious. While this phrase isnt commonly used today because using the word queer nowadays is considered offensive, it means that something is obviously fake. There is no such thing as a three dollar bill therefore it must be phony.
quick as a bunnyQuick as a bunny is the cliche used for being very quick and fast, as bunnies are when they hop around. This is simply another way of saying you want something to be very quick and fast, and quick as possible. Bunnies may look small and like they cant go very fast, but when they hop around they are very skilled at it and can bounce around extremely fast in this manner.
quiet as a mouseQuiet as a mouse is another way of telling someone to be very quiet as mice tend to be very silent animals you can never really hear walking around your home. If you have ever had mice in your home, you more than likely didnt realize they were there based on sounds but until you saw them or the food they were eating, had no idea. To be quiet as a mouse, means to be completely silent and unheard by anyone or anything.
quit horsing aroundQuit horsing around is an expression used typically by an adult to a child to stop being boisterous, having silly play or child-like play. The origin of horsing around comes from the term horseplay which is related to the same meaning of horsing around. Anytime someone is acting foolish, especially when their actions might cause someone to get hurt, they might be told to quit or stop horsing around.
quit smoking cold turkeyIf you quit smoking cold turkey it means that you have quit smoking suddenly and on the spot without thinking about it or gradually slowing down. This term originated from the days when to stop an addiction, they would skin a turkey, chill the skin and put it on your body as this was said to lessen cravings of anything addictive. Therefore, cold turkey is often associated with quitting something immediately.
quit while youre aheadQuit while youre ahead is an idiom which means to quit doing something risky before you begin to lose and will ultimately regret it. Quit while youre ahead is typically told to someone who is doing something risky and seems to be getting very lucky with positive results. However, once youre ahead you shouldnt push your luck and therefore may be told to quit while youre ahead as a way to be told to stop tempting fate.